Hydrogen Electrics was founded in 1999 by Joseph B. Kejha in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania (suburb of Philadelphia, PA) as a company for development of low cost hydrogen-electric vehicles. Soon after, our business diversified into other products, such as coaters of electrodes for batteries, cells assembly machines, glove boxes with inert atmospheres, and electrolyte fillers. These products now comprise complete Automation Lines for production of prismatic lithium ion batteries and ultracapacitors. Company President and Founder Joseph B. Kejha holds (26) US Patents and has 30 years of research, engineering and management experience in the fields of aeronautics, photographic processing, lithium batteries and ultracapacitors, and their automated manufacturing processes. He is supported by a team of highly skilled craftsmen and administrative personnel.

Our products are made in the USA and are tested and proven in American laboratories and factories. We all are proud of our work and products, and insist on the highest quality at low cost, simplicity and reliability. Our policy is customer satisfaction.

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Thank you for your interest and business.

Joseph B. Kejha,
Hydrogen Electrics LLC